When was the last time you opened your Instagram and saw some pics of your friends having vacations in the places you haven’t even heard of? Picture-perfect beach vacations is a travel trend of the past. More and more travelers are willing to spend more to get personalized access to some of the best kept secret destinations and experiences in the world.

Here are 5 emerging travel trends you can’t miss in 2020 and our recommendations on how to enjoy them to the fullest if you live in the UAE.

Adventure travel

The good ol’ days when travel itineraries were simple, airlines were obliged to take travelers from point A to point B and hotels just needed to provide comfortable accommodation are long gone.

More and more travelers choose to combine breathtaking sights with some of the world’s most adrenaline-pumping experiences.

‘Experience’ was the most used word in travel-related searches in 2018, and this emerging trend is still growing. With specific activities such as secret swimming holes, abandoned castle guided tours or ziplining, you’re guaranteed to feel alive again and get outside of your comfort zone.

If you’re a thrill-seeking novice ready to challenge yourself, you have to try the world’s longest zipline Jebel Jais Flight that is located on the top of the highest mountain of UAE. Longer than the Golden Gate Bridge, this zipline lets you feel an adrenaline rush and enjoy stunning sceneries at the speed of 90 mph. Are you brave enough to try it?

Multigenerational travel

Taking the trip altogether with your parents, grannies, and your kids is a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience creating closer bonds and long-lasting memories. In a new globalized world, when family members often live in different countries or even different continents, it’s a real gift to have some quality time together while traveling.

However, for the travel industry, the multigenerational travel trend is a new challenge, meaning travel operators should provide a broader range of activities for all family members of all ages.

Cruises and yacht trips can be a fantastic way of traveling for extended families. Some of the biggest operators in UAE such as Royal Carribean and Costa Cruises offer ultimate coast trips with adventurous shore experiences, comfortable family suits, luxurious food experiences, and activities for all family members. Isn’t it a perfect way to re-bond?

Small towns and surprise destinations

While choosing a destination for your next vacay might be a fun thing to do, the thrill of taking a spontaneous trip never gets old. Visiting small towns and surprise destinations is the next big travel trend in 2020.

Free from crowds and more authentic off the beaten track small towns offer a unique experience for sophisticated travelers even if just for a few days. If you ever been in busy multinational hubs like London or Barcelona you know how hectic it got during the high season making is nearly impossible to enjoy the city vide and its rich cultural heritage.

If you live in Dubai and wish to have a break from traffic chaos and big city life, consider taking a day-trip to Ras Al Khaimah to enjoy some of the most fabulous beaches, and mesmerizing landscapes combines with cultural attractions such as Dhayah Fort and Dhow Building Station.

Transformative travel and spiritual retreats

Disconnecting from the digital world surrounded by the peaceful serenity on an exotic island sounds like an excellent choice for busy young professionals who are always under pressure building their careers. But that’s not all. More and more travelers are willing to become a better version of themselves, find inner balance, and learn something new through their vacation. That’s where the transformative travel trend comes into play.

Positive mental wellness has become as essential to get as overall physical comfort and health improvement. So-called digital detox programs and various spiritual transformation retreats are getting more and more popular, helping people to explore new travel destinations in a completely new way.

If you crave some privacy, take a look at digital-free retreat Arabian Nights Village which lies halfway between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain or Costa Digital Detox cruise. Both provide wifi-free rooms, limited mobile connection, and numerous spiritual experiences with some of the best yoga teachers in the world.

Hot springs and thermal resorts

This wellness-related travel trend emerged across city-dwelling travelers in 2017 and since then growing stronger year by year.

Relaxing in a hot spring and enjoying a healing body massage, what can be better after a long day of exploring a new spot and shopping? Most thermal resorts spots combine the best of two worlds – Western high-tech medicine and Eastern natural healing practices.

While there are a lot of well-known popular destinations to enjoy hot springs such as Japan and Greece, you don’t necessarily need to make a long-haul trip to experience the best of Mother Nature.

If you live in Dubai, there’s a fantastic Khatt Hot Springs with sulfur water in Ras Al Khaimah just about an hour away from the city. For those who’re willing to make a more extended trip don’t miss the desert oasis of Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs in the park area known as Green Mubazzarah.

Now when you know what’s on people’s radars and what’s trending in the travel industry in 2020, it’s time to choose your next vacation and Mazzady’s here to help.

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