How It Works?

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To experience the premium online shopping with Mazzady, just go to AppStore or Google Play Store, search for Mazzady and tap to install, or, just click here

How Mazzady Works

Main activities users perform on Mazzady (web and mobile apps):

  • Registration / Log In
  • Profile set up
  • Buy “Gems” (our currency)
  • Browse competitions
  • Join an auction 
  • Compete
  • Win a competition

How to Register and Log In

A user can register quickly using a social media account with Facebook, Google, or Twitter. This simply uses services by those companies to provide user’s authenticated name and email address from their systems. An account is generated on our site, and the user is immediately logged in. If a user doesn’t have or do not wish to use social media authentication to log in, then he/she can register in a more traditional way. To log in, social Media users can simply click the button for their social media account to instantly login. Manually registered users should enter their credentials (username and password) established during registration.

How to Set Up the User Profile


Competition Basics

To participate in a competition, a user must first purchase a “Mazzady Gems” package.

Every competition has two main stages “Joining Stage” and “Active Competition”. Each bid made in competition, either in “Joining Stage” or “Active Bidding” stages, will consume the users’ Gems.

Every competition’s bid values may be priced differently, and a user’s first bid may be a different value to their subsequent bids. This is to encourage competition or to accelerate completion of each event.

“Joining Phase”


Joining is the first stage to start the competition

1. You have to purchase enough gems.

2. Browse our products, you will find an orange button with the word Join

3. Click on the product you will be directed to another page

4. Read the competition details carefully

5. Start joining by clicking on the orange button with the word Join (join x amount of gems)

6. Each time you click join, you earn ‘Advantage Gems’ to use throughout the competition. 

7. Advantage gems are accrued during the joining phase and are valid for the event only

7. A competition only starts when joining has gained 100% boost. If it fails to gain 100% within a defined time, Join GEMS with be returned to be used in other Competitions.

“Active Competition” Phase

If you’ve taken part in the ‘ Joining phase ‘ of the competition, you’ll be able to join the ‘Active Competition’.

Start bidding by clicking on ‘Bid Now’ using your Gems and Advantage Gems.

A countdown timer will start, and reset every time a new bid comes in. If you’re the last user to have placed a bid once the countdown reaches 0, you win!

Don’t want to miss out?
You can use the ‘AutoBid’ feature. It will place automatic bids for you, based on the criteria of your choice, ensuring you never miss the countdown, and stay in the competition.


The “AutoBid” Feature

The Auto-bid feature will place bids on your behalf.

Simply click on the “Auto-Bid’’ bottom then enter the number of bids and the min/max price value you wish to place in the auction, and your Auto-bid will automatically place these bids one at a time.

The request will be rejected if the number of bids exceeds the gem balance available users account.

The “Buy Now” Option.

You can also directly buy your dream product from us at a previously negotiated price, at any time during a competition. 

Just click on ‘Buy Now’ and use MAZZADY Gems,  your credit card to purchase the item. 

However, remember that this option only applies to some of our products and services.